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Ineffective user tracking holding back $2 billion mobile ad market, reckons AdTruth

Economics 'make no sense'
Ineffective user tracking holding back $2 billion mobile ad market, reckons AdTruth
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According to online marketing specialist AdTruth, though the mobile ad market is currently worth $2 billion a year, that accounts for just 5 percent of the money generated from digital display advertising as a whole..

It's a disparity the firm believes is highlighted all the more when you consider the "incredible consumer adoption of mobile, the dramatic shift in media mix occurring, and the 'lean back' experience in the mobile environment foundational to effective advertising."

The wrong track

In the firm's view, the economics "simply make no sense", which led the firm to sample the views of "28 of the best minds in mobile from over 18 companies on two continents" to find out where things are going wrong.

Their conclusion? Most issues with mobile advertising trace back to tracking or, as AdTruth puts it, a "lack thereof actually."

"While so much of the industry is focused exclusively on app to app performance tracking to replace the UDID, this group recognises the larger issue," said the firm on its blog.

"Sure, performance tracking is key and is a big part of it, but we want to open up ALL use cases in mobile, at scale, globally, in a very short tight frame. Targeting and re-targeting, reach & frequency capping, data enrichment, and performance tracking are all at our fingertips."

Consumer care

Improving user tracking, however, risks angering consumers, especially when carried out in what has quickly become an environment where people are worried about personal security.

"A vastly better consumer experience is needed when it comes to mobile advertising," added AdTruth.

"With the PC declining and the cookie in trying times to say the least, we need alternatives that are effective and fair to consumers.

"What's important to recognise is that the focus on the consumer is not just about privacy. That’s a given. It’s also about a great experience. Better ads with more relevancy and no invasive user experience."

[source: AdTruth]