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MdotM signs up to use AdTruth's web and app ID tracking technology

Who needs UDIDs anyhow?
MdotM signs up to use AdTruth's web and app ID tracking technology
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One of the companies to take advantage of the concerns over Apple's UDID deprecation has been 41st Parameter's mobile division AdTruth.

Behind the scenes, it's been working hard to thrash out various issues with a number of companies operating in the advertising, analytics and monetisation space.

Yet as a commercial organisation, it's mixing altruism with hard-nosed business, so it's pleased to announce that one of those companies has now gone public with support for its probabilistic universal ID technology.

Signed up

Demonstrating the inherent complexity of the market by its very description, that company is performance-based mobile demand side platform MdotM.

"The silver lining to UDID deprecation is that it led to our seeking - and ultimately finding - a universal, consumer-friendly approach to solving a variety of mobile advertising challenges, including tracking and targeting," said Sourabh Niyogi, MdotM's CEO.

"With AdTruth's technology, we are able to provide our advertisers with even greater value through unmatched tracking accuracy to drive thousands of app installs every day."

Good to go

Before making its decision, MdotM said it evaluated a number of different options, comparing their performance against UDID, which remains the only 100 percent accurate metric on iOS.

AdTruth was chosen due to its overall technology, ability to bridge from web-to-app, its on-premise deployment, high performance and consumer-friendly approach. Its technology is now integrated with MdotM's SDK.

"Our work with MdotM demonstrates the value of our high performance pro-privacy mobile tracking solution," said James Lamberti, AdTruth's GM.

"Our technology is the best approach for universal tracking moving forward. It offers unparalleled accuracy and the ability to bridge between the mobile web and apps. We're pleased to be able to support MdotM and their advertisers with our technology."

You find out more about how AdTruth works via its website.