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InnoGames closes Dusseldorf studio and shifts production to Hamburg HQ

The decision to shift production focus from Duesseldorf came in in late 2017
InnoGames closes Dusseldorf studio and shifts production to Hamburg HQ

German games developer Innogames is shutting down its Dusseldorf office and shifting the studio’s project development to its Hamburg HQ.

The game’s 29-member team have been told they can keep their jobs and continue working on the project if they move to the company’s new office.

InnoGames had initially decided to focus the production in Duesseldorf to one single game back in November 2017.

However the decision has now been made to completely close Duesseldorf studio, which will shut down by the end of the year.

InnoGames CEO Hendrik Klindworth said in a statement that the company had been “struggling to support” the team in Dusseldorf due to the distance between the two offices.

Group up

“Designing, launching and maintaining a successful free to play game requires seamless teamwork across various departments like product, analytics, and marketing,” said InnoGames CEO Hendrik Klindworth.

“Great depth and an engaging gameplay can only come to life if you follow this data-driven approach that InnoGames stands for.

“Our work on a production from Duesseldorf showed that we are struggling to support and empower our colleagues in Duesseldorf to the fullest potential across departments due to the distance between our headquarters and our Duesseldorf office.”