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Interactive mobile ad outfit mNectar raises $7 million

NEA impressed with 'huge market opportunity'
Interactive mobile ad outfit mNectar raises $7 million
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jul 9, 2014 investment mNectar New Enterprise Associates $7m

Virtualisation tech outfit mNectar has announced a $7 million Series A funding round.

The money was invested by New Enterprise Associates.

Rick Yang from its Menlo Park office will join mNectar's board of directors as part of the deal.

Breaking the fourth wall

The company's mobile virtualisation and cloud delivery enables customers to try games and apps before they download them.

This drives higher ad revenue for developers in who seapps these interactive ads are shown, and provides app advertisers with more informed and engaged users.

Companies using the system include the likes of Big Fish, GREE, Storm8, King, Zyngam, Kabam, Wooga and ZeptoLab.

"mNectar has a rare combination of everything NEA looks for when partnering with a company," commented Yang.

"The team's impressive background, innovative technology, product market fit, and huge market opportunity are all validated by the rapid growth of delighted customers and consumers.

We are extremely excited to team up with mNectar to bring virtualized apps to the mass market."