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mNectar partners with Branch Metrics to improve playable ads

Playable ad technology combines with deep linking
mNectar partners with Branch Metrics to improve playable ads
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Mobile ad technology firm mNectar has forged a new partnership with deep linking tool Branch Metrics.

Together, the two firms are aiming to enhance the user experience in mobile apps and games by combining mNectar’s playable ads with Branch Metrics’ deep linking.

Since mNectar’s technology allows users to try an app before they download it, the pairing with Branch Metrics will allow users to continue the game where they left off in the demo after installing the app.

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It works by creating a link within the app when a user stops playing the interactive ad. Using that link, the experience is then continued in a sequential manner when the player installs and opens the app.

Meanwhile, for developers, the partnership will allow for improved app discoverability as well as more insight into their converted user base.

“Integrating Playable ads and deep linking with mobile gaming is a first,” said Wally Nguyen, CEO at mNectar.

“The entire app ecosystem, specifically gaming, is currently missing out on the benefits of combining the two.”