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mNectar reveals what ads of the future could look like, and Twitter wants in

Alongside Opera Mediaworks, Sprint and Fuse Powered
mNectar reveals what ads of the future could look like, and Twitter wants in
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Interactive ad company mNectar has announced that its services have been fully integrated with four of the most popular mobile integration platforms: Twitter, Opera Mediaworks, Sprint and Fuse Powered.

It means that more than 7,000 app publishers will have access to mNectar’s playable ad network that enables potential customers to try games and apps before they download them.

Leveraging mobile virtualisation and cloud delivery, the service supports server-to-server integration and provides full-screen, interactive ad units that inform and engage users.

Try before you buy

In the same vein as an iTunes customer's ability to listen to songs for 30 seconds before they download them, mNectar addresses the issue that static interstitials often don’t contain enough information for prospective customers.

The technology doesn’t require an SDK to install, nor any app updates, leading to mNectar’s claim that publishers can quickly get stuck into the monetisation process.

The four integration platforms join an impressive list of companies using the service, including Big Fish, GREE, King, Wooga and Zeptolab.

It’s the latest accolade in what has been a good few months for the San Francisco-based company.

Back in July 2014, mNectar raised $7 million in a Series A funding round by New Enterprise Associates.