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Introducing MasterClasses: a series of deep-dive workshops exploring all things games design

Learn from the finest games industry experts in an in-depth learning environment
Introducing MasterClasses: a series of deep-dive workshops exploring all things games design

We're excited to introduce MasterClasses - a brand new series of deep-dive workshops taking an in-depth look at practical games design topics. We’ve worked with the finest industry experts to create professional, half-day activities featuring tutorials, lectures and breakout groups, all accessible from the comfort of your home office.

There are four workshops taking place on August 17-18, all delivered through Zoom, with learning support tools like Miro, Mural and Google docs for collaborative activities. You can expect to explore a range of key games design topics from economy design and optimisation, to core design fundamentals and product management, to live operations and everything in between.

The MasterClasses are no ordinary “listen and learn” lectures; tickets are limited to keep groups smaller and focused, meaning you will have plenty of opportunity to interact with the presenter and your fellow attendees throughout the session. Workshops are designed to be collaborative, practical experiences so be ready to engage with the subject matter individually as well as through group activities, feedback and wider discussion.

Read on to find out more details for each upcoming MasterClass and be sure to book your place today!


Monday, August 17 (10am BST)

Understanding Design – Getting The Most Out Of Your Design(ers) with Tara Mustapha

Tara Mustapha

Tara Mustapha

Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder

In this three-hour online MasterClass, participants will tackle the fundamental understanding of game design, strategies for enabling a team that is in FLOW in order to maximize the output of your team and enabling designers to create their best work.

For designers, this session will give you the tools to steer the ship from a solid foundation, for everyone else, this masterclass will give you the tools to make the ship as streamlined, solid and stylish as possible.

Tara Mustapha is a seasoned producer and game designer who has shipped over 10 titles in 15 years. She has worked with Backbone Entertainment, Microsoft and EA on titles like the Skate series and Monster Lab. She is currently the Chief Design Officer and co-founder of Glow Up Games.


Monday, August 17 (2pm BST)

Game Economy Design And Optimization with Nick Murray

Nick Murray

Nick Murray

F2P Product, Live Ops, and Monetisation Consultant at

Game economy is a crucial but often overlooked part of game design which has a far-reaching impact on retention and monetization KPIs. By building a robust economy, games can engage users, giving them a more enjoyable experience. Economies define difficulty, player progress and enjoyment!

Nick Murray is an 11-year veteran of the f2p industry (former Rovio, Ubisoft, Aeria Games, GREE) will share methods and clear plans on how to think about economy creation, post-launch economy optimization and overcoming the challenges in creating value for virtual items.


Tuesday, August 18 (10am BST)

Product Management – Bringing Value To Your Players with Karla Reyes

Karla Reyes

Karla Reyes

Growth Product Manager at Niantic

In this three-hour masterclass, participants will learn about how to identify and understand the target audience for the games they are developing, validating that they are targeting the right audience and ultimately determining the best ways to bring value to players.

You will be implementing proven design thinking tools and methodologies such as persona development, empathy mapping, and completing a value proposition canvas. Participants will also learn best practices around effective user research and testing.

Karla Reyes is a Product Manager at Square Enix and has over seven years of experience in product management. Karla previously worked in the fintech and blockchain industries across North America and EMEA at Thomson Reuters, Visa and ConsenSys. She is trained in human-centred design/design thinking.


Tuesday, August 18 (2pm BST)

Live Ops: Making Your Game A Living Experience with Oscar Clark

Oscar Clark

Oscar Clark

Chief Strategy Officer at Fundamentally Games

In this three-hour online MasterClass, Oscar Clark, author of Games As A Service, will share core principles learned over 20 years designing, delivering and consulting on games and games platforms. He will explore what LiveOps really means in practice and how to help your team prepare for the transition which comes with building a living experience.

Oscar Clark is Chief of Curiosity at Fundamentally Games and has been a pioneer in games services since 1998. He helps developers (and investors) design, deliver and monetise games and wrote Games As A Service, published by Routledge. Oscar also helps find speakers and hosts at PG Connects conferences.


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