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Develop your existing skills and learn new ones with the next series of PocketGamer.Biz MasterClasses

Access essential insight from the finest games industry mentors with these deep-dive workshops
Develop your existing skills and learn new ones with the next series of PocketGamer.Biz MasterClasses

You’ll gain essential insight from top games industry experts in our standalone workshops this March, the third in our MasterClass series. These paid half-day courses run March 9th to 11th and cover essential development and business topics in the company of industry veterans and successful CEOs.

We’ll help you master the tools needed to understand the games market, and how to collect and use data to grow. Perhaps you’re wondering how and when to save a failed game. Or you want to know how to design and optimise your game economy (one of our most popular topics, returning after a sell-out session in 2020). Maybe you’re interested in UX and how to make your games more fun and profitable. Whatever skills your business needs, we have you covered with the upcoming round of PocketGamer.Biz MasterClasses.

A deeper learning experience

The MasterClass series are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge by providing a practical deep-dive into specific subjects. We’ve lined up the finest industry experts to create professional, half-day activities featuring tutorials, lectures and breakout groups all accessible from the comfort of your home office. These MasterClasses take place between March 9th to 11th, and you can book for individual sessions or the whole series.

The MasterClasses are no ordinary “listen and learn” lectures; tickets are limited to keep groups smaller and focused, meaning each attendee has plenty of opportunities to interact with the presenter and fellow learners throughout the session. Workshops are designed to be collaborative, practical experiences so be ready to engage with the subject matter individually as well as through group activities, feedback and break-out discussion groups.

Course outlines and teacher details for March’s MasterClass are below. Be sure to book your places today! Discounts are available for pre-booking multiple sessions and for indies, students and group registrations.


Tuesday, March 9 (10am - 1pm UK time)

PG.Biz MasterClass: Understanding The Market Through External Data & Tools

Max Samorukov

Max Samorukov

CEO at AppMagic

“The whole development lifecycle from idea and monetisation to scaling your hit.”
Max Samorukov

The modern mobile games development ecosystem is full of tools designed to help developers be more aware, prepared and efficient. In this MasterClass we’ll overview the whole development lifecycle, from refining the idea and monetisation mechanics, through to launching and scaling your hit, and discuss in each case what tools and methods of app market research are here to help you maximize your chances to succeed and how to get the best from them.

Formerly a programmer, Max Samorukov has been working in the games industry for 12 years. Currently he is a Chief Products Officer at Crazy Panda, and Founder/CEO at AppMagic. Max specializes in product strategies, analytics and marketing.


Tuesday, March 9 (3pm - 6pm UK time)

PG.Biz MasterClass: Collecting and Using Data - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Brett Bauer

Brett Bauer

Co-Founder & CEO at Share2You

“Where the opportunity for growth is greatest and the market for new users is fertile.”
Brett Bauer

When it comes to meeting new people, there’s an old saying that’s timeless - you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.

And, unless you have a plan for collecting data prior to the launch of your game, you’ll never be able to go back to get it, you’ll never understand your earliest users, and you’ll miss out on the nuggets of information that can be learned during this crucial period in your game.

This is where the opportunity for growth is greatest and the market for new users is fertile because few people have had the opportunity to experience your game. Data is an enabler. If managed correctly, it can provide the foundation for activities as simple as understanding basic user behaviors, analysing creative performance in UA campaigns and provide the foundation for full-scale automation.

Brett Bauer, as co-founder and CEO of Shared2you, Inc., created internal data and analysis solutions to answer complex questions which led to a deeper understanding of the mobile app economy and the completion of a fully automated data management platform powered by first party data. This became the foundation of the Appfluencer® Platform and enabled "IDFA-less" targeting at scale in a fully automated campaign management platform.


Wednesday, March 10 (10am - 1pm UK time)

PG.Biz MasterClass: How (& When) to Save a Failed Game

Oscar Clark

Oscar Clark

Chief Strategy Officer at Fundamentally Games

“How to triage, diagnose and prescribe what needs to be done to kill or save your game.”
Oscar Clark

What do you do when the masterpiece of game design you created simply does not work? You have not been getting the installs or the revenue you expected to reflect the value of the game. How can you know whether to cut your losses or to go back to the drawing board?

This Masterclass will look at how to triage, diagnose and prescribe what needs to be done when assessing a game to decide whether to kill or save your game. The principles are the same whether you are looking at PC, Console or Mobile. You need to review, test, assess to find out if there is an opportunity first, and only then can you identify the changes to lift the performance of your game to make them successful commercially. The approach outlines in this course is based on over 10 years of consulting with game teams, helping them make the decision to kill or turn around the commercial potential of their games.

Oscar Clark is Chief Strategy Officer of Fundamentally Games LTD whose mission is to bring games to live. He has been a pioneer in games services since 1998 helping developers design, deliver, monetise, and operate games live. As a consultant he has provided advice on too many games to mention in order to attempt to bring failed games back to life. He literally wrote the book “Games As A Service” published by Routledge.


Wednesday, March 10 (2pm - 5pm UK time)

PG.Biz MasterClass: Game Economy Design & Optimisation

Nick Murray

Nick Murray

F2P Product, Live Ops, and Monetisation Consultant at

“Game economy is a crucial part of game design.”
Nick Murray

Game economy is a crucial but often overlooked part of game design which has a far-reaching impact on retention and monetisation KPIs. By building a robust economy, games can engage users, giving them a more enjoyable experience. Economies define difficulty, player progress and enjoyment!

Nick Murray, an 11-year veteran of the F2P industry (former Rovio, Ubisoft, Aeria Games, GREE) will share methods and clear plans on how to think about economy creation, post-launch economy optimisation and overcoming the challenges in creating value for virtual items.


Thursday, March 11 (2pm - 5pm UK time)

PG.Biz MasterClass: Game User Experience, Making Your Games More Fun & Profitable

Jason Schklar

Jason Schklar

Founder, Game & UX Consultant at UX is Fine!

“The true power of User Experience is a process to build more fun and profitable games with less risk.”
Jason Schklar

You understand by now that User Experience is much more than UI. It’s not something to be slapped on at the end of the product life cycle to make it look prettier and hopefully more appealing and user friendly.
The true power of User Experience is when it is seen as a process that helps you build more fun and profitable games with less risk.

This Masterclass will provide concrete and practical information that will help you understand UX from a holistic perspective, develop your UX strategy, and use UX as a powerful tool to make both business and creative decisions with confidence.

Jason Schklar has led teams and provided product, design, and UX direction both as a sought after consultant and as a studio leader at Amazon, Big Huge Games, Disney, Microsoft, and Zynga.
With David Inscore and Neil Edwards we formed UX is Fine!, a unique partnership that provides full service Game UX consulting, UI/UX design and direction, and Visual/Brand identity.

Since 2018 we’ve partnered with game developers and publishers like 2K, Epic, Jam City, Kabam, Kongregate, Scopely, and Wargaming.


BOOK NOW: Multi-buy & group discounts

There are savings if you book for multiple MasterClasses at the same time. Reserve your place at three or four workshops and get an additional one FREE. That’s a saving of 20%-25% if you contact us to make multiple reservations.

Booking for multiple people? Take advantage of our 30% corporate discount for groups of six or more people from the same company.

For multi-buy or group discounts, please email to discuss your bespoke package.

If you are an indie developer (small privately-owned studio with fewer than 10 members, engaged in game creation) or student you may be entitled to discounted tickets. Please contact us with proof of your status and we can discuss relevant offer codes:

Tickets are strictly limited to ensure healthy class sizes, so be sure to get in touch today to secure your place.