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IronSource launches 3rd Supersonic Superstars hypercasual contest

$2 million for developers that cross 8 million downloads on US App Store
IronSource launches 3rd Supersonic Superstars hypercasual contest

Mobile business platform IronSource has revealed its third Supersonic Superstars game development contest.

The contest is open from February 7 to April 7 2022 with a $2 million prize available for any game published by July 7 that reaches 8 million downloads on iOS in the US.

The prize for second place is $1 million for any game that achieves more than 4 million downloads on iOS in the US as well as any game published globally receiving $200,000. There are also bonus prizes available for achieving other metric milestones.

In a bid to encourage indie dev participation, IronSource is offering a "digital ideation kit" to assist with game concepts, best practices, trends, and other design ideas. Developers will be offered long-term support on game marketability and in-game metrics and help them to build a full game based on their prototype.

Hypercasual competition

"The 3rd Superstars contest is our most ambitious yet, as we have raised the first prize to $2 million," said IronSource Supersonic SVP Nadav Ashkenazy.

"Even more exciting, we are encouraging indie game developers - who we see time and again going from near anonymity to chart leaders in the hyper casual category - to take part in the contest. We’re really excited to see the creativity that this contest will surely yield."


According to IronSource, the winner of the last contest, Bridge Race, was the most downloaded hypercasual title worldwide in 2021.

Last week, hypercasual games outfit CrazyLabs revealed that it had reached over 5 billion downloads across its portfolio.