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Blackout Blitz dev Big Run Studios hires Benjamin Jordan as new CTO

Going deeper for underserved audiences

Blackout Blitz dev Big Run Studios hires Benjamin Jordan as new CTO

US indie Big Run Studios has announced its new CTO is Benjamin Jordan, who previously worked at cloud AR outfit Enklu, and prior to that at NCsoft, Kixeye and Electrotank.

At Big Run, Jordan's experience will help the company to build its own technology and develop more feature-rich gameplay.

Based in Oakland, CA, Big Run Studios launched with a mission to create high-quality competitive experiences for underserved audiences.

Its titles include Blackout Blitz, Big Run Solitaire, and Big Hearts while recent release Blackout Blitz remains one of the most popular mobile bingo games.

"Benjamin's keen ability to create innovative solutions and prowess to tackle technological challenges enables Big Run Studios to take our games to the next level," explained Big Run's CEO Andrew Bell.

"We're thrilled to have him on board and look forward to unveiling new cutting-edge projects that are in thepipeline later this year.

"The team truly understands its diverse, underserved player audience and is well positioned to accelerate its success and lead the casual competitive games market," added Jordan.

"That's why, I'm excited to join this rockstar team of experts and combine the knowledge we all share to transform the way players experience mobile games."

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