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Bandai Namco Mobile brings on former Brawl Stars artist Paul Chambers

Will focus on the creation of new F2P IP

Bandai Namco Mobile brings on former Brawl Stars artist Paul Chambers

Former Supercell and King game artist Paul Chambers has recently joined the team at Bandai Namco Mobile in their Barcelona-based headquarters.

Joining in November 2021, Chambers has entered Bandai Namco Mobile as a game artist after holding the same position at Supercell for the past five years. Whilst at Supercell, Chambers primarily worked on the development of Brawl Stars, from prototype to finished product.

Before joining Supercell in 2016, Chambers held various art leadership positions at leading free-to-play mobile game studios, including Outplay, Wooga, and King. 

Going forward, Chambers will be focused on creating "innovative" free-to-play IPs that are outside of the scope that Bandai Namco is known for.

Boosting Barcelona

"I’m a huge Bandai Namco fan," said Chambers. "They are one of the great games institutions and as close to gaming royalty as you get, I feel genuinely honored and humbled to be asked to join and be a part of creating new and exciting IP's that can stand alongside the likes of PAC-MAN, Tamagotchi, and Katamari."

Bandai Namco Mobile was established in 2019 and currently consists of 33 employees with an average of 12 years of games industry experience each. Recent hires for the studio included two former Ubisoft game developers, Marc Saña Forrellach and Tania Anta.

Speaking to in June last year, Bandai Namco Mobile chief publishing officer Massimo Caporale discussed the working culture and hiring processes at the recently established studio.

"We have a very flat, open and collaborative structure. We hire only the absolute best and most expert professionals, and we aim to give them the opportunity to create those magical experiences that will become the next milestone in mobile gaming."

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