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Joyride introduces the Joyride Wallet

The new wallet aims to make the blockchain more accessible
Joyride introduces the Joyride Wallet

Mobile developer Joyride has announced the Joyride Wallet – a new NFT wallet designed to introduce newcomers to the blockchain, reports GamesBeat.

“This Summer has been termed a ‘Crypto Winter’ with dramatic volatility in NFT and token values, ecosystem shifts and consumer sentiment shifts, but that turbulence is pretty natural whenever a new ecosystem is being created,” said Joyride CEO and Founder Omar Siddiqui. “Our approach has been to keep our heads down and build great mobile games and infrastructure services to power an ecosystem of approachable titles that will on-board millions — and eventually billions — of players to blockchain.”

Although the blockchain is growing in prominence, many people are still confused by the notion, which Joyride hopes to simplify. The company reportedly has 800 thousand monthly average users (MAU) spending an average of 40 minutes a day playing its games, and making an average of eight blockchain transactions every week,a collective monthly total of over 25 million unique transactions.

Joyriding into the future

Joyride has seen great success with Solitaire Blitz, which was identified as the fastest-growing Web3 mobile game in July, attracting more than 250 thousand users in its first month.

Following the success of the Blitz series, which also features games like Trickshot Blitz and Darts Blitz, the company launched the Champs franchise, which are more involved experiences which feature character NFTs.

“If the growth of our games and Joyride’s Wallet is any indication, there is a stable and growing audience for quality, differentiated Web3 games on mobile, and in particular for titles that are approachable and that gently on-board users to blockchain to add value to their game experience,” said Siddiqui.

Alongside the release of the Joyride Wallet, the company is also allowing developer access to the system.

In May, Joyride raised $14 million dollars to launch a Web3 platform for casual unity developers.