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Kabam opens preregistration for cross-platform title King Arthur: Legends Rise

The game will be Kabam’s first cross-platform title
Kabam opens preregistration for cross-platform title King Arthur: Legends Rise
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King Arthur: Legends Rise, Kabam’s first simultaneous release cross-platform title debuted a new trailer at Summer Games Fest and has opened up preregistration.

The open beta for the game, a squad-based RPG based on Arthurian legend, is set to open on June 29 in the United States, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Philippines, and Hong Kong. The title will run on the Unreal 5 Engine, and was revealed earlier this year at GDC 2023, more importantly it’ll also be Kabam’s first cross-platform game when it launches on PC and mobile later this year.

Kabam has previously collaborated with major brands such as Disney for Mirroverse and Marvel, and was behind the latter’s Contest of Champions mobile game. However, most recently the company saw layoffs of around 7% of their total workforce at the end of 2022, with a further 12% getting the axe in March of this year. Success with King Arthur: Legends Rise may prove to be an important stepping point for the company to reestablish itself after this restructuring.

Cross-platform importance

King Arthur: Legends Rise will join other major titles that have taken the cross-platform route such as Marvel Snap and long-running titles such as Hearthstone. The appeal of crossplay for users naturally being an ease of access on their preferred device, and for developers it makes it easier to capitalise on playtime and ensure users spend longer with a given title.

CEO of Kabam, SeungWon Lee spoke about the importance of cross-play and cross-progression at the game’s announcement. “As we look to the future, enabling our players to experience cross-platform progression and play is an essential part of what we want to offer our players. King Arthur: Legends Rise represents the first game for this new direction.”

Kabam's newest title will be an opportunity for the company to push its own IP and maybe even start a franchise. With a high-fidelity RPG and cross-platform support, it's entirely possible.