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Following "strong early results", Kenshoo joins Instagram Partner Program

Integrated results

As increasingly is becoming clear, Instagram is growing in importance as a UA channel, at least for a certain type of mobile game.

And the latest ad tech company to official get onto the bandwagon is Kenshoo.

It's been accepted onto the new Instagram Partner Program following what it calls "strong early results".

Working with one cross-platform games company, Kenshoo's technology enabled it to generate 250,000 clicks, resulting in more than 15,000 incremental mobile app installs.


"Mobile advertising has become a lynchpin for marketers seeking to connect with audiences in meaningful ways," said Kenshoo's CEO Will Martin-Gill.

"Through integrating with the Instagram Ads API, we've witnessed firsthand the power of advertising on Instagram; by being named an initial member of the Instagram Partners Program, we can continue to guide the world's leading advertisers in optimizing their investment on this promising publisher."

Facebook-owned Instagram has over 400 million users, the majority of which are women.