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Updated: King goes midcore, soft-launching one-handed RPG Hero

A simple name for a simple game?
Updated: King goes midcore, soft-launching one-handed RPG Hero

Updated: Unofficial and unconfirmed sources now say Hero is being developed by King's Spanish studio, not Nonstop.

Back in August 2014, King decided to expand its core gaming by acquiring Finnish-operated, Singapore-based studio Nonstop Games.

Now, after almost two years, the studio has soft-launched what looks to be the first game to come out of this union.

Hero is an action-RPG that's currently available on Android in Singapore and South Africa.

Details on the game are fairly light, but it is reportedly designed with one-handed, portrait-mode play in mind.

King slayer

Players will pick their character before being sent off into a fantasy world to do battle with monsters and dragons, collecting loot as they go and presumably levelling up their character to deal with tougher monsters down the line.

It's interesting to note that King is listing itself as the publisher, despite the game being a departure from its usual casual output.

Other casual-focused companies releasing more midcore games, such as Rovio and Wooga, have been soft-launching their games under different names, while King is instead making use of its cache to push the game even in this early stage.