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Kongregate acquires Animation Throwdown and Spellstone developer Synpase Games

Will continue to operate as an indepdent studio
Kongregate acquires Animation Throwdown and Spellstone developer Synpase Games
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Oct 5, 2017 acquisition Kongregate Synapse Games Not disclosed

Mobile games publisher and web gaming platform Kongregate has acquired 100% of Spellstone developer Synapse Games for an undisclosed sum.

Synapse will continue to operate as an independent studio in Chicago under the Kongregate brand. It is the publisher's first acquisition since it was acquired by MTG in July 2017.

The developer is known for works such as Spellstone and Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards, which it co-developed with Chinzilla Games and Fox Next. Its games have accumulated over 18.5 million downloads on mobile.

A member of the family

"Synapse has felt like a member of the Kongregate family for years, starting with their huge presence and strong fan following on, and more recently with their expansion into mobile and Steam development with us, so I'm thrilled to finally make them officially a part of Kongregate," said Emily Greer, co-founder and CEO of Kongregate.

"They share our strong commitment to players and our desire to continue to push for innovation within the gaming industry across web, mobile, PC, and new platforms."

The acquisition plays into Kongregate's plan of growth throughout 2017. In our interview with Greer after the publisher was bought by MTG, she stated that acquiring developers and "making some of those relationships more permanent is a natural next step."