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Kwalee appoints Firebrand’s Mark Greenshields to VP of Bangalore studio

Mark Greenshields’ cross-platform experience is expected to be of great benefit to Kwalee
Kwalee appoints Firebrand’s Mark Greenshields to VP of Bangalore studio
  • Greenshields has personally programmed 35 games.
  • His former studio Firebrand has developed for Nintendo DS, Wii, Switch, and mobile.
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UK-based games developer Kwalee has announced the appointment of Mark Greenshields to its Bangalore studio, where he will take on the role of vice president.

In the new position, he will help accelerate Kwalee’s initiatives in development and publishing.

Accelerating development

Greenshields started out as a self-taught programmer and in the decades since, he has personally programmed 35 games and produced hundreds more. He has founded several studios including Firebrand Games, which started by developing racing games for Nintendo consoles like the DS and Wii before expanding into mobile in the 2010s.

Greenshields has also launched games based on Disney, Pixar and EA franchises.

In the new role at Kwalee, he will be responsible for running the studio in Bangalore while contributing to growth strategies. In particular, his experience in porting games across platforms will be utilised as Kwalee aims to expand its presence across mobile, PC and consoles.

"We’re immensely proud of the work of our Bangalore team, and we want a member of our top team leading at the heart of its operations. We're absolutely thrilled to welcome Mark Greenshields as the VP of our Bangalore studio," said Kwalee COO Jason Falcus.

"His deep-rooted experience and passion for gaming, combined with his unique ability to grow high-performing multi-disciplinary teams, is exactly what we envision for Kwalee's expansion and continued success."

Greenshields added: "I am thrilled to be joining Kwalee as one of the leading UK publishers. I see a very bright future for them, especially now that they have moved into both the PC/console and hybrid/casual spaces. I am bringing my extensive experience in running studios and especially developing for PC and consoles to them. I will make our Bangalore studio a centre of excellence as part of the Kwalee group.

"For me, it is great to get once again the opportunity to work with both David and Jason, bringing me full circle from the early days of the C64 to the present. The team they have built is exceptional, and I look forward to helping make Kwalee THE success it will be."

It's been a busy month for hires at Kwalee. Only a few weeks ago, John Wright was appointed as the company's vice president of mobile publishing, bringing almost twenty years of leadership experience to the role.