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Kwalee teams up with no-code development platform Buildbox

"Our number one goal is to empower anyone who has an idea for a video game"
Kwalee teams up with no-code development platform Buildbox
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British developer and publisher Kwalee has formed a partnership with no-code development platform Buildbox.

Buildbox – owned by AppOnBoard – has leaned towards the hypercasual genre, which makes the Leamington Spa-based studio the perfect partner. Thanks to Kwalee providing a clear publishing path, developers can put all their energy into creating games.

Furthermore, projects that have been built through Buildbox and stand out could be passed along to Kwalee, which could lead to a publishing deal.

"Our number one goal is to empower anyone who has an idea for a video game to bring their idea to life while building a real business around it," said AppOnBoard CEO and president Jonathan Zweig.

"While our flagship products, Buildbox and AppOnboard Studio power the creative pieces of the puzzle, we wanted to build a partnership with one of the leading global publishers, Kwalee, in order to go the next mile to help our community of nearly 1 million creators earn the spotlight on the app stores in order to support their businesses.

"Kwalee and AppOnboard have been working together for a long time to bring the best possible partnership to the growing number of incredibly talented artists and creators who are bringing their ideas to life on the app stores. This new stage of our relationship is a huge win for the game developer community".

Strong partnership

The bond between Kwalee and Buildbox started earlier this year, as the pair collaborated on a month-long Hypercasual Game Jam.

"When I started as a developer back in the 1980s, the barrier to entry was high. I love how much this has changed, and that Buildbox is leading the way in empowering anybody with creativity to make great games and not have their imagination be held back by their coding knowledge," said Kwalee CEO David Darling.

"Having seen the games created by the Buildbox community in our recent game jam, it's obvious that many of these 'Boxers' deserve to get their games played by a much wider audience and reap the rewards that come with it. We know that our skill in game design, user acquisition, marketing, monetisation and more will help these games reach their potential, and can't wait to be talking about all the success stories that have come from this partnership."

Earlier this year, the publisher and developer opened its first international studio in Bangalore, India.