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Last chance! Invest in your professional development with one of next week’s MasterClasses

Time is running out to book your desired MasterClass - learn from the very best in the games industry
Last chance! Invest in your professional development with one of next week’s MasterClasses
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It’s a race against time to secure your place at the next series of MasterClasses. Gain essential knowledge and learn new skills from the finest games industry experts next week.

We’re hosting more insightful workshops where you’ll have the chance to enhance your skills and knowledge from next Monday, September 13th to Friday, September 17th.

These classes will help you master various aspects of game design like successfully scaling a living game, playtesting, connecting gameplay and monetisation, player behaviour, applying game design to real-world issues, how to benchmark and building an audience.

Book your desired class below and join us for these amazing deep-dive workshops next week.

Lessons With a Growth Hacker: Successfully Scale a Living Game
by Oliver Kern

  • What are common best practices and mistakes in lifecycle management
  • How do these apply to games
  • How to expand the lifespan of your game in practice
  • What’s a "living game" and how can you scale during the growth and maturity stage of your game

Save Your Game From Disaster: Playtesting Secrets From a Former Ubisoft Expert
by Pascal Luban

  • Pros and cons of the various ways to playtest your game
  • Step-by-step method to prepare and manage a playtest campaign
  • Best practices to recruit the playtesters most adapted to your needs
  • Sample documents for the preparation of a playtest session, and its debrief.

The Right Balance: Connect Gameplay and Monetisation Effectively
by Glyn Fairweather

  • How to appreciate balance (and imbalance) when approaching challenges in your game
  • How to discuss the economy of the game in shared terms
  • How to deliver monetisation that does not undermine your economy or balance

Get Your Shit Together With Player Behaviour
by Kelly Vero

  • Why are successful games really so successful?
  • How important is design thinking in everything we make? And how do we measure that?
  • Can you communicate with your player? If so, how do you know if they are listening?

Game Design: How to Benchmark, Create and Measure Fun
by Javier Barnés

  • How to benchmark the competition, build and use realistic player personas, and best practices to integrate actual audiences early on in the creative process to guide the development.
  • How to break down the progression structure of a game on its different sections (FTUE, onboarding, endgame, etc) and identify the critical elements on each stage.
  • How to establish and validate a gameplay proposal. Find an innovative, engaging gameplay, employing a lean methodology and a user-oriented mindset.
  • How to arrange / analyse playtests to validate and improve the player experience, including the usage of playtesting services such as Playtestcloud.
  • How to adapt game design to make the game more marketable, and extract the maximum value from the usage of third party IPs, satisfying both the licensor and the players. (Key topic on a post-IDFA scenario).

Building an Audience: Marketing, UA and Creative Production
by David Nixon, James Dimento & Mike Kanarek - from Mobile Game Doctor (MGD)

  • Defining marketing goals and translating them into measurable metrics/KPIs
  • Learn key elements, processes, and tools of marketing for mobile games
  • Key resources, terms, tools, and techniques for user acquisition/performance marketing campaigns and how to implement and assess them
  • How to select and communicate with creative teams and build a creative pipeline for ads
  • How to conduct UA/Creative testing, draw actionable conclusions, and improve performance based on the results

BOOK MORE! Multi-buy & group discounts

Book your tickets now on your selected masterclass and invest in your professional development.

We have some great multi-booking offers you can take advantage of:

  • Three for two: Book three MasterClasses for the price of two.
  • Corporate discount: a group of six or more from one company can get a bespoke discount if booked together.

To arrange any of the bespoke packages above, please email for more information.

Tickets are limited so be sure to get in touch today to secure your place.