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What is the best strategy to effectively connect gameplay and monetisation?

Fundamentally Games’ Glyn Fairweather explores getting the balance right
What is the best strategy to effectively connect gameplay and monetisation?

In the age of free-to-play, ‘monetisation’ is the dirtiest word.

As developers, we want to make games that are fun, that delight, provoke and create memorable experiences for our players. We also want to pay the bills.

It is very easy for one of these desires to steamroll the other, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

By drilling down into fundamental elements of game balance and game economies we can achieve balanced design and monetisation solutions that delight players, improve our lot in terms of retention and conversion, and make the game work for everyone.

Why it's important for game makers to consider/pay attention to

Many brilliant games have fallen foul of applying monetisation that was a bad fit (I’m looking at you: Interstitial Ads).

Bad monetisation equals high friction, but with just a little consideration for the player and the gameplay, that friction could have been avoided and your chances of conversions could have been much greener.

After all, you can’t monetise the players you lose.

In this Masterclass, the objective is to use real-world examples and exercises to understand the benefits of balance/imbalance in games, then explore how we can use those as jumping-off points for creating opportunities for value and exchange with players.

We recommend that attendees have a basic understanding of the game development process, lifecycle, and game design principles.

This class is for designers, product managers, and producers who want to optimise the game balance, economy, and monetisation. It is most suited to developers who wish to take a game into a games -as-a-service (GaaS), setting but has important content that existing live games developers will not want to miss.

What we’ll dive into

Ultimately the objective is for you to equip yourself with language and tools to deliver solutions that don’t just delight your players but also protect the things that make your game special.

Using popular industry examples, we will look at the relationship between balance and imbalance, and how to approach problems in your game without upsetting the equilibria that delight your players.

We will dip our toes into the waters of ‘game economies’. Discarding what we think we know, in exchange for guiding principles, which we can then apply to a real problem.

Finally, we will look at how this plays into our capacity to delight and monetise players in a way that provides a mutual exchange of value, without undermining the economy, or the balance.

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“Bad monetisation equals high friction”

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