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Laton Ventures is a new venture capital firm investing in early-stage game makers

Founding partner Görkem Türk has started the firm after more than six years at Google
Laton Ventures is a new venture capital firm investing in early-stage game makers
  • Laton Ventures has been established by ex-Google's Görkem Türk
  • The firm is looking to leverage its extensive network

A new venture capital firm has started up with a specific focus on early-stage games industry companies, with plans to identify the most promising industry newcomers and support their success.

Laton Ventures, has been established by founding partner Görkem Türk, an ex-Google industry manager in games startups who led partnerships in Turkey. He worked at Google from 2017 to 2023, and left specifically to create Laton Ventures.

The firm has rallied the support of "highflyers and successful veterans", hoping to leverage its extensive network in supporting industry newcomers beyond just a financial push. Laton Ventures has come out of stealth on LinkedIn with the post:

"The biggest wins are born out of the biggest challenges. Laton is a winner by nature, always on the move to unlock the next level and rises together with its pack. We only add a new member to our pack of winners when we spot true potential. By boldly utilising our network, know-how and experience, we make sure nothing can stop us levelling up together."

An industry that supports

While it may be obvious to say, the gaming industry wouldn’t be anywhere near as diverse as it is today without the support of investors and venture capital firms. Even just looking at the past few months, Gem Capital announced a new $50 million fund to invest in fledglings of F2P, midcore and more, while the GFR Fund has revealed a $53.5 million fund for gaming, tech and AI companies.

In the second quarter of 2023 alone, gaming drew $1.1 billion in venture capital funding across 110 deals, representing a 12% quarter-on-quarter increase in deal value. As for the third quarter, a further $454 million was brought in, continuing an overall upward trajectory for 2023 as a whole despite a fall from the three months prior.