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Launch your game, product or service at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024

Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence in the Gaming Industry with an array of new product launches!
Launch your game, product or service at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024
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Established in 2014, the Pocket Gamer Connects conference series has become the pinnacle of the games industry, and it's returning to London on January 22nd and 23rd for our 10th anniversary.

The event is poised to be one of the networking and knowledge-sharing highlights of the year, and it's open to developers and publishers looking to showcase their latest creations.

A decade of excellence

Pocket Gamer Connects London has established itself as a key conference in the games industry events calendar, bringing together professionals, developers and publishers to share insights, innovations and ideas.

As the conference series marks its 10th anniversary, it's introducing exciting new elements to the program, one of which is the highly anticipated Launchpad.

Introducing Launchpad: Where Creators Shine

So, what exactly is Launchpad? In the gaming world, it's your opportunity to launch your game or app during Pocket Gamer Connects week and have us boost the signal to our audience.

Launchpad gives you the chance to share your newest creation. Fill out a simple form, and we'll be in touch to discuss how to reach our audience of engaged attendees and subscribers.

An Audience Awaits

We will create an opportunity for developers and publishers to launch their new projects during the busy Pocket Gamer Connects week. Fill in the form below, and we’ll help you reach our audience to talk about your new project.

We expect over 2,500 people to pass through the halls and corridors of Pocket Gamer Connects London in January, and our mailing list is greater even than that, including press from Pocket Gamer and other popular media brands..

How to Participate

To take advantage of Launchpad, all you need to do is fill in the details provided on the PG Connects London website to alert the marketing and event team to your plans. They will be in touch with you to explain what's next.

It's important to note that Launchpad is not for unfinished or theoretical projects, nor is it the place to pitch for funding. If you're looking for those opportunities, the event offers activities like the Very Big Indie Pitch, Investor Connector and Publisher SpeedMatch.

Ready to Launch?

Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024 promises to be another great conference, and Launchpad offers an exciting new platform for developers and publishers to unveil their finished games, products or services alongside it, while the world is watching.

To learn more and take the first step towards showcasing your latest creation, visit the official PGC London 2024 website.