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Leading UK Games industry figures and companies reject Brexit deal

The Games4EU-published letter was signed by over 125 companies and 1300 industry members
Leading UK Games industry figures and companies reject Brexit deal
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An open letter published by anti-Brexit advocacy group Games4EU shows an industry strongly opposed to leaving the European Union.

Signed by 127 companies and over 1300 members of the UK games industry, the letter claims Brexit is a “dire threat to UK interactive entertainment” and calls for a people’s vote - a second referendum - on the final outcome.

Influential names populate the list - and that’s not just because my own signature is up there. Signatories range from long-standing personalities Peter Molyneux and Ian Livingstone to successful indies like Mike Bithell, writers like Rhianna Pratchett and international executives like King’s Riccardo Zacconi and CCP’s Hilmar Pétursson

They stand alongside hundreds of hobbyists and workers across the games scene, from publishers and developers to marketing and media. All are united by strong concern over the effects of EU withdrawal on an inherently international industry.

To whom it may concern

Voices from outside the UK have also lent their support. Unity CEO John Riccitiello is named among the signatories, while multinational studios like Riot Games and CCP are also listed among the companies opposed to Brexit.

The letter stands alongside a similar letter from the UK Tech Industry, which more specifically calls out the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement and Political Agreement on leaving the European Union.

While that deal passed without problem in Europe, it faces strong opposition from both leave and remain supporters. A vote on the Withdrawal Agreement is due in Parliament on December 11th.

Speaking to our sister site, Games4EU founder George Osborn said that while it’s hard to forecast exactly how Brexit will affect UK games, it probably won’t be positive.'s two-week UK Special is shining a spotlight on the country's vibrant games industry ahead of Pocket Gamer Connects London on January 21st to 22nd 2019 - the largest B2B mobile games event in Europe.