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Learn all about Web3, artificial intelligence and the metaverse at the Dubai GameExpo Summit: The conference schedule is now LIVE!

Don’t miss seeing the jam-packed schedule for our leading games industry Summit taking place this June 21st-22nd in Dubai!
Learn all about Web3, artificial intelligence and the metaverse at the Dubai GameExpo Summit: The conference schedule is now LIVE!
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Our highly anticipated schedule for our first ever event in Dubai, the GameExpo Summit Powered by PG Connects, is finally here! You can now view it over at our event website, and see what we’ve got in store for you this June.

This June 21st to 22nd, we’re partnering up with Dubai Economy and Tourism to bring an unmissable games conference experience to the glorious city of Dubai, in the fastest growing region of the international games industry. The GameExpo Summit powered by PG Connects will take place over two days as part of the Dubai Esports and Games Festival 2023 event at the Dubai Exhibition Centre within Expo City Dubai. The summit itself will feature more than 100 renowned games industry speakers from all over the globe delivering insightful talks, panels and seminars across a number of themed tracks, and today, we’re revealing the exciting schedule we have lined up for you in Dubai this summer. You can look forward to the same type of invaluable learning and networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from Pocket Gamer Connects events, and today, we’re sharing a little bit more about why we’re headed to Dubai this summer.

Keep reading for the highly anticipated reveal of the jam-packed Summit schedule!

The themes and tracks of the Dubai GameExpo Summit

We’re bringing Summit attendees some never-before-seen content tracks along with our classics, filled with forward-gazing sessions tackling all the hottest topics in the games industry spanning everything from Web3, artificial intelligence, blockchain, NFTs, esports, top gaming markets, trends in the MENA region and practical insight on funding. This Summit will be a prime opportunity to get up-to-date with all the most current trends in the games industry! Here’s all the content themes of the Summit that you can look forward to…


Dubai is fast emerging as the global centre for Web3 games development, pulling talent from around the world and encouraging innovation in this space and other adjacent technologies. These tracks explore the technology and platforms that will shape the future of gaming and society via Al, blockchain, the metaverse and Web3.

Tracks you may enjoy if you’re interested in this area include…

  • AI Advances
  • Web3 Wonders
  • Mapping the Metaverse
  • Building on Blockchain
  • NFT Know-How


The global games industry is the biggest entertainment medium on the planet and growing every year (to $200bn in 2023). These tracks probe the strategies and techniques involved to help your games (or game adjacent) business flourish - whether it's the latest UA or monetisation techniques, fundraising trends and tips or growth hacking!

Tracks you may enjoy if you’re interested in this area include…

  • Publisher Power
  • Show Me The Money
  • Monetiser
  • The Growth Track


Discover the latest insights into the global games landscape. Dive into key trends and innovations that are revolutionising games, and gain a competitive edge with insider knowledge of the MENA market. Discover esports innovations and business success stories, from a local and international market perspective, to keep ahead in this dynamic, ever-evolving industry.

Tracks you may enjoy if you’re interested in this area include…

  • State of Play: MENA Trends
  • Esports Innovation
  • Global Trends

Be inspired by personal stories of success, failure and most importantly the lessons learned along the way. You can expect to hear tips and tricks on practical aspects of game development and case studies from the front line, to improving your development toolkit and thriving as an indie developer.

  • GameDev Stories
  • Incredible Indies
  • Developer Toolkit
  • Games 101: Education + Ecosystem

For a full rundown of our conference schedule, visit our official website.

Dozens of forward-gazing sessions across two days
Our Summit is shaping up to be an incredibly star-studded event, full of brilliant experts at the top of their fields coming together to share their forward-thinking insights with us. Below are just a few of the brilliant speakers and the insightful sessions they’re leading that you won’t want to miss in Dubai:

  • MineCraft in the Classroom with RUth E Manlandro from Bright Learners Private School
  • The intersection of Metaverse, AI and Mental Health with Tsahi Liberman from Styrax Studios Inc
  • The Top Secrets Of TikTok Marketing That No One Tells You with Abraham Lieberman of Clicks Talent
  • From idea to investment: Navigating the world of game development funding for first-time developers with Arnold Nesis of Capricia Productions and Brett Krause of Transcend Fund
  • The Big Picture - MENA Gaming Ecosystem and Values with Hanting Zhu of Publicis Groupe

Get a front-row seat at these unmissable sessions
The Dubai GameExpo Summit is bringing you all this and more in June! Now is the time to take advantage of our limited time Mid-term offer! You won’t want to miss joining us at our highly anticipated Summit in Dubai, buying a ticket to the Summit grants you full access to the wider Dubai Esports and Games Festival 2023 taking place over the week of June 21st to 25th, so the value of this ticket is immense. Head over to our official sales partner website and secure your ticket now!

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