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Learn how to leverage machine learning with Moloco

We speak with Will Melzer, VP of Sales at Moloco about machine learning.
Learn how to leverage machine learning with Moloco

Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, our first in-person event in the Nordic regions since 2019, was a huge success and our biggest yet in the region. More than 1500 attendees from over 70 countries gathered to connect, share ideas and network. PGC Helsinki also gave us the opportunity to sit down and record our chats with some interesting individuals from across the mobile games industry and adjacent companies. With representatives from huge brands such as King, Tencent and Huawei all in attendance.

In-between all the amazing events and main talks, we got to sit down with a wide range of people in a myriad of roles. Such as VP of Sales at Maloco, Will Melzer. He spoke with us about machine learning (ML), the challenges of working in the current economic situation and how to communicate the benefits of ML to customers across their wide portfolio, as well as the nuances of API (Application Programming Interface) and UA (User Acquisition).

Moloco specialises in using machine learning to aid mobile advertisers. Mobile advertising is of course a powerful tool for monetization in many games. In this video Melzer discusses the aspects of it and challenges in future, such as privacy and data gathering. As well as how automation in aspects handled by machine learning can help creative studios in particular.


If you want to get the opportunity to experience some of the amazing events at PGC, our next big event is Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan on November the 12th to the 13th. We’ll hope to see you there too!