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NCSoft's Lineage M tops South Korea's iOS grossing charts in seven hours

5.5 million pre-registered players already enjoying the game
NCSoft's Lineage M tops South Korea's iOS grossing charts in seven hours
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NCSoft's Lineage M has topped the iOS download and grossing charts within seven hours of its initial launch in South Korea.

According to NCSoft, Lineage M had already seen 5.5 million players pre-download the game ahead of its launch. The developer's claim that this the largest pre-registration campaign of a mobile game ever.

130 servers were set up to run the game, the largest number to have ever been run for a mobile game in the country. It also comes with a companion chat app, MTalk, which hit second place on the local download charts.

A long line

Exact figures of Lineage M's overall performance have yet to be released, but The Korea Times reports that it has reached 9.7 million downloads already. However, this is based on a survey conducted by analytics firm WiseApp and may not be entirely accurate.

While NCSoft is enjoying success from its own release, it will also be benefiting from another huge South Korean game. Netmarble's Lineage 2: Revolution has earned NCSoft $35 million in royalties so far.

Lineage 2: Revolution also has the scope to become even bigger as it gears up for a worldwide release. An English language version has been soft-launched around Asia, while Japanese and Chinese editions are due later in the year.