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Ustwo's Maria Sayans on their ongoing charity work and sharing the profits from Desta: The Memories Between

"We always try to take what’s meaningful and great in games and deliver that to the widest audience possible."
Ustwo's Maria Sayans on their ongoing charity work and sharing the profits from Desta: The Memories Between
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Ustwo will today release a new mini-documentaryhighlighting their work with UK Youth and the importance of awareness around the pressure on youth services in the UK.

Ustwo are the developers behind the Monument Valley series of games and Netflix-exclusive mobile game Desta: The Memories Between, which will also hits Steam and Nintendo Switch on Wednesday 26 this month.

Back in February around the time of the game's initial release, Ustwo announced they would be pledging 3% of their profits from the title to the charity UK Youth, in keeping with the game's themes of adolescence and the struggles faced by marginalised individuals at that time of their life.

As a developer Ustwo have placed much of their work with charity and activism front and center. CEO of Ustwo games María Sayans offered her thoughts on what the documentary will show those interested in the game and Ustwo's charity work.

“We always try to take what’s meaningful and great about games and deliver that in a way that’s accessible to the widest audience possible. This also presents a huge opportunity, not just for us but for the entire industry, to use games for good – as a registered B Corp social impact is something the whole ustwo games team takes very seriously.

“Desta: The Memories Between explores themes and issues faced by many young people, which informed our desire to raise the profile of youth workers and youth services in the UK. UK Youth is a fantastic organisation, but like so many others it requires support to raise the funding it needs to provide what are essential services – working with the team there has been a massively educational and emotional experience.

“The documentary captures the thoughts of both staff and kids at the Soapbox Youth Centre in London, and we hope it shines a light on the great work being done across the country to create opportunities and safe havens for children of all ages, particularly during the cost of living crisis.”

Beyond Netflix Games

Ustwo's work with UK Youth reflects a larger trend of developers and publishers trying to do good with their work. Video games and mobile in particular both have immense reach, and it's clear that the visibility that their deal with Netflix offered the developer has helped them to increase their outreach with the charity work releated to titles like Desta.