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Updated: Marmalade to shut down game development platform to focus on making games

Job losses expected
Updated: Marmalade to shut down game development platform to focus on making games

Updated 14/9/16 at 9:25: Marmalade CEO Bruce Beckloff has stated that the company will be focusing first and foremost on its customers before looking at its own business.

Speaking to, Beckloff said "We are not going into specifics around the changes at Marmalade with regards to staffing, but the focus now is to ensure our customers have the right level of internal support to take our technology forward."

"In essence we are changing the model from one where we try to make a one size fits all SDK to one where we provide the tools to our customers for them to optimise the technology to their specific needs."

Beckloff went on to say that "in the near term, our focus is solely on the customers and developers that already use the technology today to enable them to take the Marmalade Platform forward in their own context."

"To the future, we will evaluate whether other evolutions of the technology and business model are appropriate to maximise the reach of the Marmalade."

Original Story

Game development platform Marmalade is ceasing operations to focus on Marmalade Game Studios.

In a post on Marmalade's website, the studio states that the final release of its Marmalade platform will be in March 2017. The last two additional releases are expected in September 2016 and December 2016.

No new features will be added in these releases, which will instead focus on providing support for the latest versions of iOS and Android.

Users of the platform with active licenses must now switch to monthly payments. Anyone with an active licence on 28 February 2017 will be given the option to upgrade to a perpetual release with the final release.

Moving on

Users will also be able to purchase a Source Edition of the Marmalade development tool, so they can alter the tool as they see fit after the company ceases support.

Marmlade has stated that it currently has no plans to make their platform open-source, since some componenets use licensed technology, although it is looking into the possibility.

With the company restructuring away from the development platform, it seems inevitable that some jobs will be cut along the way, although Marmalade hasn't specified how many staff will be affected. has reached out for clarification on the matter.

Marmalade Game Studios currently has studios in London and in Lisbon, the latter of which was established in July 2015 to relieve pressure on the London studio.

The move to shut down the Marmalade platform comes despite a $5 million funding round led by Bloc Ventures in January this year.