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Marmalade opens a game development office in Lisbon, Portugal

London overflow
Marmalade opens a game development office in Lisbon, Portugal

Following the news of a $2 million investment, Marmalade has now opened an office in Lisbon, Portugal.

Interestingly, however, the office is part of Marmalade Game Studio, not Marmalade Technologies - i.e. the bit that makes the cross-platform development tools.

The team, which will be overseen by Mike Willis, Marmalade Game Studio's London chief, will work on original IP as well as work-for-hire.

As well as Marmalade, other mobile developers in Portugal include Miniclip, Bica Studios and Biodroid.

Doubling up

Over the years, Marmalade has developed some high profile mobile games, including some in The Sims series for EA.

"The addition of a second branch of the Marmalade Game Studio is yet more great news for Marmalade, and an important moment for us in terms of our planned international expansion." commented CEO Harvey Elliott.

"The Lisbon Studio will help relieve pressure on our busy London team, and will enable us to rapidly move forward with a number of exciting projects that are already in the pipeline".

There are no opening currently listed for the office, but they will appear on the Marmalade jobs site.