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Matej Lancaric offers tips to improve ad campaigns and find more users

His blog suggests the ideal length of a creative is 20 to 25 seconds
Matej Lancaric offers tips to improve ad campaigns and find more users
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User acquisition and marketing maven Matej Lancaric has revealed a number of tips for improving ad campaigns, acquiring users and scaling a game. His advice includes the benefits of static images and the suggestion that scaling games should involve multiple departments.

Creating successful campaigns

When using Facebook for ad campaigns, instead of the 50 creatives Meta suggests, Lancaric’s post recommends using around 25 creatives from a combination of static images and all resolutions. As for the ideal length of a creative, the blog post proposes 20 to 25 seconds.

The creative testing process, meanwhile, could be multistep, Install-per-mile (IPM) based if in a country like India, or involve a worldwide value optimisation campaign, according to Lancaric. He added: "In my opinion, there is not only one universal process that fits everybody."

The post also explores different UA channels and their statistics, such as Snapchat having a minimum of 75 installs per campaign per day versus 90 from Tiktok and 100 from Google. Increasing the budget, adding more countries and changing optimisations are all recommended by Lancaric.

"Scaling a game is not an easy job. You need to involve a lot of departments into this! It’s not only on the marketing side of things. You need to work very closely with game teams, data analytics and ideally live ops as well," he said.
"Scale/budget is always dictated by your game’s LTV. Marketing = UA + Creatives + ASO can help you by 10-20 per cent here and there. But you won’t be able to scale your game only with marketing tricks and hacks."

In terms of which genres have the most successful ad creatives, those would be casual and hypercasual. Utilising what works for them and including between one and five hashtags trending that day are also among Lancaric’s tips.

Matej Lancaric's full blog post includes further advice on global launches, cashflow situations and more. We at previously spoke with Lancaric about how to get a job as a marketing manager and UA lead.