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Matej Lancaric shares his tough love UA strategies, ATT response and more

Suggested UA channels include Meta, TikTok, Google Ads and others, while Facebook gets short shrift
Matej Lancaric shares his tough love UA strategies, ATT response and more
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Marketing maven Matej Lancaric has been reflecting on 2022 in the context of user acquisition strategies, from Facebook to TikTok to blockchain.

In his recent post, Lancaric warned of the dangers for developers in using Facebook exclusively as a UA channel, because the times when it could be used "up until the $1 million monthly spend" are apparently over. Considering the lawsuits against the platform in recent years – with claims that views were being inflated by as much as 900 percent – it is perhaps unsurprising to many that using Facebook alone as a means of acquiring new users for a mobile game may not be the best approach.

A diverse portfolio

Lancaric’s advice is to diversify one’s UA portfolio once reaching approximately $20,000 monthly on a channel, although he noted that this may vary depending on the genre of game and more. He stated: "If you put all your eggs in one UA basket, you are playing a very dangerous game. If you’re running your UA on one channel, what if that stops working?"

As for which UA channels to use, suggestions include Meta, Ironsource, Google Ads and TikTok, the latter being "the UA winner of 2022". In Lancaric’s case, his CPIs are apparently four times less on TikTok than other channels.

And as for soft launches, the recommendation is to use a minimum of three channels for user acquisition with impressions and daily active users being the key metrics to follow. A previous post by Lancaric also suggested that the ideal length of a creative is 20 to 25 seconds.

Discussing Apple’s ATT, he stated that despite everyone’s major concerns, as many as 40 percent of players on iOS willingly share their IDFA anyway, meaning profitable campaigns are still possible. Lancaric delves deeper into this in his full blog post.

"To be completely honest with you, there is not a super big difference between Web2 and Web3 UA," he added.

In summer 2022, a report by Sensor Tower revealed that non-gaming apps were earning more money than games for the first time ever.