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Mattel becomes game publisher with self-published titles coming later this year

The toy giant seeks to become the Master of its Universe, publishing the work of game partners producing games with their IP
Mattel becomes game publisher with self-published titles coming later this year

Toy giant Mattel - who've recently been on a run of digital brand expansions - are getting serious about games.

Not content with seeing their biggest games brands appearing in new titles from big-name publishers (see recent roll-outs for Barbie, Thomas The Tank Engine, Masters of the Universe and more) today they're announcing that they themselves will be a game publisher with its own self-published games hitting app stores later in 2024.

It's all part of Mattel's "mission to further grow its footprint in digital games as Mattel aims to grow its global network of studio development partners."

And alongside the moves to self-publish games based on their hit brands Mattel is also actively expanding its global network of development partners, looking to studios of all sizes, genre specialties, and platforms to join them and work with Mattel's extensive IP for new digital products.

"With these new partnerships, the company aims to foster creativity and further build its roadmap with imaginative, new digital gaming experiences that leverage its portfolio of timeless brands and characters to captivate audiences across generations," says the company.

By the power of IP…

“This is an exciting time for us as we take our iconic IP beyond licensing partnerships to self-publishing of Mattel mobile games,” said Josh Silverman, chief franchise officer at Mattel. “Complementary to our existing licensing and joint venture M163 with Netease, we will directly engage with our fans and deliver unrivaled gaming experiences. We expect this to significantly increase the revenue and profit potential at low investment for the company, and to be a catalyst that drives the business forward.”

“The expansion of Mattel’s digital games business into self-publishing is an important step in our vision to bring fans of all ages captivating, innovative experiences featuring franchises, characters and storylines they know and love,” said Mike DeLaet, global head of digital gaming at Mattel. “As part of this endeavor, we’re looking forward to working with world-class development studios who can bring fresh perspectives and push creative boundaries as we grow our digital games offering.”

We're certain that the announcement of their first development partners and which brands will be getting the Mattel publishing treatment will be along shortly.