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Merged! surpasses 1 million downloads in less than a week

Gram Games confident it will improve upon 1010!
Merged! surpasses 1 million downloads in less than a week
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Merged!, the latest game from 1010! developer Gram Games, has hit the 1 million downloads milestone in under a week.

The Istanbul-headquartered firm launched the game on 28 January, and its millionth download was recorded on 2 February - partly thanks to being featured on the App Store.

Like 1010!, the game that scored 50 million downloads in 2015 and effectively saved Gram Games as a company, Merged! is a minimalistic puzzle game that makes extensive use of ads.

However, in high spirits after such a strong start, CEO Mehmet Ecevit is confident that Merged! can surpass even that success.

"We are very confident in Merged!, and that it will surpass 1010! in terms of downloads," he said.

"The initial results since launch are amazing. The numbers during soft launch indicated great things and this has now been confirmed by the appreciation we are seeing from our player base."

"Our talented, passionate team and unique culture has been key to our success. We work harmoniously to create fun puzzle games. We enjoy it and will continue to do so."