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Microsoft's says Windows Store downloads were up 110% during 2014

With registered developer numbers up 80%
Microsoft's says Windows Store downloads were up 110% during 2014

Writing on its blog in the final days of 2014, Microsoft has revealed statistics which suggest a growing interest in Windows Store from developers and consumers on PCs, tablets and mobile.

The firm reports over 30 percent more active Windows Store users in 2014, and a year-on-year increase in app downloads and sales which exceeds 110 percent.

On the development side, Microsoft has seen an 80 percent increase in developers registering for its platform, and a 60 percent boost in the Windows Store's overall selection of apps.

Interestingly, revenue is mainly coming from in-app advertising, which accounts for 58 percent of store revenue, compared to 35 percent from in-app purchasing.

Unsurprisingly then, Microsoft says improves to its Windows ad mediation tech has increased fill rates to over 95 percent.


Microsoft partly attributes this success to its "commitment to create opportunities for developers with Windows Store," with which it began 2014. And the firm will be continuing its developer-focused approach in 2015 as it works on the roll out of Windows 10.

"We'll continue working to generate opportunity by delivering a developer-friendly platform that spans devices and geographies," wrote Todd Brix, general manager of Windows Apps and Store Team.

The blog also outlines more plans for the Windows Store in 2015, including a greater focus on developing markets and exploring effective avenues for in-app advertising.

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