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Mind Body Trivia is the latest game getting players outside

A trivia game focused on sports, the unique spin is an incentive to go out walking
Mind Body Trivia is the latest game getting players outside

Yesterday, September 6, LA-based Look Left Productions launched its debut mobile game combining sports, celebrity trivia, and mental and physical wellbeing.

Titled Mind Body Trivia, this new free-to-play mobile game aims to engage players with interests in celebrity pop culture, food, health and fitness, basketball, swimming and more, merging these subjects into one photo-based multiple-choice game.

The game launched in early access this summer following support from Lone Moon Interactive and Moonmana.

Health comes first

A core aspect of Mind Body Trivia that makes it unique is its conscientiousness of player health. It encourages players to leave the house by rewarding them with coins based on how many steps they take while playing - incentivising exercise while answering its sporty questions.

Trivia questions are presented like magazine snippets which players can answer alone or in competition against friends. And as the debut game by twin sisters, there is a focus on inclusivity, diversity and empowerment, meaning women’s sports and the paralympics are included among the title’s trivia catalogue.

"Mind Body Trivia is a game changer. Its fresh, original content boosts your brain and promotes an active lifestyle," said Left Look Productions founder Lesley Nagy. "Whether you're an athlete, influencer, yogi or just wanna see Selena Gomez or Rihanna, there are illustrated topics for everyone."

Mind Body Trivia co-creator Carrie Tayour added: "Health starts in our minds. That's why Mind Body Trivia is here to create health, food and fitness awareness through play. My nutrition trivia compares calories, proteins, fats and carbs for all the food we love. Not just fruits or veggies, I made sure to include snacks and desserts."

Of course, when discussing a mobile game that encourages exercise, Pokémon Go is the first to enter the minds of many. Recently celebrating its seventh anniversary, the AR game has encouraged players to spend long enough outside that they have collectively caught 600 billion Pokémon.

With its latest update, Go now features more unique species than any console entry.