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The first women-led web3 conference will take place in Paris next week

Metaverse Summit is an upcoming international convention that will be centred around women's representation in web3 technology
The first women-led web3 conference will take place in Paris next week

Paris: the city of light. And the metaverse capital of the world? That's certainly a possibility, given the event taking place there on 16th-17th July. Metaverse Summit brings together leading metaverse entrepreneurs, builders, investors, and experts to discuss and collaborate on the future of this trendiest of tech topics. And this month's event will be focused on women's representation in web3 - Metaverse Summit aims to promote diversity and inclusivity in the technology and innovation sector.

Women leading in web3 is a media partner of this upcoming conference, and we will be there next week.

The core value of the Metaverse Summit community is knowledge sharing and transmission, which is the most sustainable way to develop a decentralized and fertile metaverse future. The Metaverse Summit will help individuals and businesses define their positioning and strategy by bridging the gap between web2 and web3.

Through the inclusion of women and underrepresented groups who are often marginalised in the technology field, Metaverse Summit supports diversity in the web3 industry.

"We are honoured to host an international first-ever women-led Metaverse convention and festival in Paris," said Yingzi Yuan, founder of Metaverse Summit. "Web3 adoption is critical to the advancement of women, and Metaverse Summit is thrilled to contribute to this initiative.” 

Yingzi Yuan, formerly of Ubisoft, is founder of Metaverse Summit.
Yingzi Yuan, formerly of Ubisoft, is founder of Metaverse Summit.

As a veteran of the gaming and blockchain industry,Yingzi Yuan has been advocating for technology and innovation in content and creation. By establishing Metaverse Summit, she aims to highlight the voice of women in the sectors around the metaverse.

What to expect in Paris

Metaverse Summit has launched the Global Metaverse Startup Competition, a startup selection and advisory program aimed at showcasing the next generation of metaverse entrepreneurs and builders.

The competition attracted over 150 startups, and a jury of investors and executives will now choose the best of them to present at the Metaverse Summit this month.

“We're here to help brands, startups, and corporations find their place in the metaverse”
Yingzi Yuan

And the Metaverse Startup Award has various initiatives to encourage female entrepreneurs, providing thought-leadership platforms for women and developing innovative solutions for organizations committed to closing the gender gap in the workplace. Investors will have the opportunity to meet the winners of the Metaverse Startup Competition and learn more about metaverse-related entrepreneurs and skills.

“We're here to help brands, startups, and corporations, specifically women-owned, find their place and strategy in the metaverse by facilitating the growth of various stakeholders in the industry," continues founder Yingzi Yuan. "Through this platform, we are determined to advocate for equal representation of women in this industry and provide them with the opportunities they deserve."

To encourage more women to share, learn, and build, Metaverse Summit is collaborating with H.E.R. DAO and Unstoppable Women Of Web3.

“Unstoppable Women of Web3 (WOW3) is supporting the initiative of educating all in web3 and the metaverse. The future is female.” stated Sandy Carter, SVP of Unstoppable Domains.

“Diversity is a great catalyst for Innovation and with this collaboration, we hope to encourage and support many more womxn to find their place in the metaverse,” added Tracey Bowen, founder of H.E.R. DAO.

Join an international web3 convention

With a vision to build an inclusive web3 community, the two-day conference in Paris will feature a range of events including seminars and training sessions by renowned business industry experts.

The two-day event on 16th-17th July at the Station F campus in Paris will be a unique moment for the international community to meet in person, discover new collaborations, and develop projects. 

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