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Mobile gamers prefer to share achievements and fails over chat apps than social media

70 per cent iOS users share through messaging apps
Mobile gamers prefer to share achievements and fails over chat apps than social media
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Messaging platforms like Whatsapp and Apple’s iMessage service see more content like game high scores shared through them than social platforms Facebook and Twitter.

That’s according to a new report from GIF sharing platform Megacool, which analysed 5.7 million game replays shared through its SDK on iOS and Android between October 2018 and January 2019.

Considering Facebook receives two billion visits per month it is interesting that sharing achievements, high-scores and gaming fails doesn't take the spot for the platform. On Android, Facebook placed second, but for iOS it didn’t even make the top five with Messenger, WhatsApp, mail, copy to pasteboard and messages all more popular.

Competitor Twitter placed at ninth place for iOS but failed to make it into the top 10 for Android.


From the sample data taken, 70 per cent of iOS users are said to share over direct user-to-user apps as opposed to social platforms. This percentage is lower Android but messaging platforms still place first with 54 per cent.

These figures show that players are now more likely to share their game achievements to specific people instead of uploading the content to all their contacts on public social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Further data from the analysis suggests that messaging apps drive the most installs when shared to, as well as generating the most re-engagement.

You can read the full ‘State of the share’ report over on Megacool’s blog.