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Tech start-up Megacool launches gameplay GIF sharing tool

Players can record a 10-second clip of their gameplay to share with others
Tech start-up Megacool launches gameplay GIF sharing tool
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Technology start-up Megacool has launched its new GIF sharing API for mobile games developers.

The company’s tool allows devs to add features that allow a game’s users to share gameplay moments through GIFs.

Players are able to record a short 10-second clip of a gaming moment and send it to their friends via SMS text message and social channels. Players are also able to send a download link for the game to their friends.

New way to share

Nearly one million GIFs were shared by players during the beta. The full version of Megacool’s API is now available for iOS, Android and Unity developers.

“Traditional user acquisition for mobile games, consisting of in-game advertisements in the form of disruptive video and static interstitials, is fundamentally broken,” said Megacool CEO Nicolaj Petersen.

“In a system where the biggest publishers on the market can buy up advertising inventory and drive pricing up, only they can compete. Developers needs new and innovative ways to spread their games in a cost-effective way.”


Megacool recently raised $1.5 million in seed funding and plans to use the investment to accelerate product and business development as it expands its API.

Megacool CEO Nicolaj Petersen will be at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, which takes place on September 19th and 20th, where he’ll discuss virality and organic growth.

You can find out more information about Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki here.