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Mobile version of World of Tanks is makings its Tankfest debut this week

World of Tanks Blitz is joining the PC version in being featured at the yearly Dorset event
Mobile version of World of Tanks is makings its Tankfest debut this week

Online games developer Wargaming has announced that World of Tanks will be the primary sponsor of Tankfest 2023, to be held in Dorset, England at the Tank Museum.

As a part of the collaboration, this will be the first year of Tankfest where mobile game World of Tanks Blitz will play a role.

The event is taking place from 23-25 June 2023 and marks the twelfth consecutive year of partnership between the museum - Dorset’s largest indoor attraction with over 300 vehicles - and World of Tanks.

Mobile maneuvers

In the past, collaborations between World of Tanks and the Tank Museum have led to the creation of an education centre and encouraged support of restoration projects. The World of Tanks Gaming Zone has also been created to provide a more unique history learning experience.

Where previous years have seen World of Tanks PC be featured during the event, this year World of Tanks Blitz is getting in on the action – allowing mobile gamers to get involved on iOS and Android; the game is also available on Steam and Nintendo Switch, with cross-play compatibility.

The charity Veterans with Dogs is also being supported through the event. World of Tanks is adding an emblem of a real assistance dog, Ferris, to the game, and donating to the charity for every customisation UK and EU players make with this emblem over the next 10 days.

"We are very proud to work with Veterans with Dogs to bring Ferris into World of Tanks so he can raise awareness about all the good work his charity does," said World of Tanks senior product manager Krešimir Gusak. "Not often in my career do I get to ask for a lot of pictures of dog paws. The VWD team are wonderful people to work with, and Ferris is one particularly charming dog, our team have had a lot of fun working on this project."

Veterans with Dogs chief executive MacLellan commented: "We are delighted that World of Tanks has created a Ferris emblem and tank skin. He is a fantastic community dog and representative for our charity so it’s great to see him joining such a hugely popular game!"

Last June, Wargaming pulled out of Russia and Belarus in support of Ukraine and opened new studios in Poland and Serbia.