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World of Tanks Terminator 2 event makes the jump from mobile to PC

World of Tank’s latest collaboration event with classic film Terminator 2 was first available through their mobile spin-off
World of Tanks Terminator 2 event makes the jump from mobile to PC

Wargaming’s World of Tanks will see their mobile-first collaboration event with Terminator 2 being pushed to PC.

The event – in collaboration with STUDIOCANAL and referred to as 'Judgement Day' – was first seen in World of Tanks: Blitz, the mobile spinoff from the main PC title. It includes the usual number of special promotional items, including in-game cosmetics and other goodies based on content from the film.

Given the rapid succession of events it’s fair to assume both were in their final stages before World of Tanks: Blitz first saw the arrival of the collab event. Making the event mobile first is an unusual move for World of Tanks, as previously their mainline PC title has been the main call-to-action destination for game events. This points to an increased focus or consideration for their mobile audience, whether that be as a testbed for reactions or as a new first priority.

Mobile first, flaws and all

It should go without saying that mobile has become an increasingly important consideration for developers, especially when it comes to cross-platform potential. Although World of Tanks: Blitz is its own solo entity, the marketing of both main game and mobile version as being equally important suggests that Wargaming are hoping to capture their audience on multiple platforms, as well as bringing new content to independent players who only subscribe to one version or another.

It also indicates that World of Tanks will continue to engage in collaborations. After bringing in hollywood stars Mila Jovovich and Arnold Schwarzenegger for their Holiday Ops 2023 event, building on that with the Terminator 2 collaboration suggests they may be following the lead of companies such as Epic Games in bringing unusual and interesting events to their titles.

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