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World of Tanks Blitz and the appeal of the seasonal event

World of Tanks is just one of many mobile games running seasonal events, so what is the appeal to players?
World of Tanks Blitz and the appeal of the seasonal event

Halloween is a prime time for businesses of all kinds. Whether it’s films like “Halloween Ends” releasing in the season or the appearance of the Spirit Halloween stores in America that have become so common, it’s a time to focus on themed business of all kinds. This is true for mobile games as much as it is for any other market, seasonal events have been running in many live service games for year on year now.

World of Tanks Blitz, the mobile version of Wargaming’s tank simulator and multiplayer game, latest event is called Operation Call of the Folio and tasks players with completing challenges and levelling up a pass to unlock cosmetic rewards. This includes avatars, profile backgrounds, camo ‘skins’ for their tanks and an exclusive tank, the VI. Shadowhunter, which has a supernatural theme. The event takes place from October the 1st to the 29th

Tank Terrors

Although seasonal events such as Call of the Folio may seem to just be a way to reward loyal players, there is in fact a shrewd business tactic behind them. Seasonal events capitalise on FOMO (fear of missing out), and can be seen here with World of Tank’s exclusive skin available for those who play the event. Premium currency and even some smaller cosmetic rewards such as profile backgrounds are unlikely to tempt someone who isn't a devout player to put more time into the game. But an exclusive, in-game and constantly visible cosmetic that won’t be available after the event? There are few players who’d pass that up.

A bit of flavour added to events also helps, as people are more likely to be in the mood to play something Halloween themed at Halloween rather than, say, Christmas. Premium currency and other rewards are by their nature repeatable, there are few special events in multiplayer and mobile games that don’t offer additional tokens or XP boostsfor special events. So a player may assume that playing the event is not really a pressing matter. However as we outline above, creating something exclusive, seasonally themed and impressive in-game can draw them in much more easily.

It’s been a turbulent year for as they pulled out of Russia and Belarus due to the Ukraine war. However, by all indications, their brands such as World of Tanks and the “World of…” series in general are still going strong.