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Report: Remaining Telltale Games staff get the boot

One of the staff affected took to Twitter to confirm the news
Report: Remaining Telltale Games staff get the boot

It would seem that the skeleton crew left to keep the lights on at Telltale have now been let go.

That's according to a tweet from narrative designer Rachel Noel - as spotted by USGamer - who said that the remaining staff at The Walking Dead maker had also been made redundant.

This follows the episodic narrative game developer facing mass redundancies with 90 per cent of employees losing their jobs.

Tales to tell

This appears to have followed a failed attempt to get more cash after owner Lionsgate decided to focus on its own business rather than Telltale's woes.

Some of this cash was set to come from Korean games firm Smilegate and The Walking Dead TV network AMC.

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