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My.Games’ Hustle Castle sees 80 million downloads

The game will also be celebrating its sixth anniversary this year
My.Games’ Hustle Castle sees 80 million downloads

Game publisher My.Games has seen its title Hustle Castle accrue more than 80m downloads as it reaches its sixth anniversary.

The esteemed mediaeval castle simulator has consistently remained among the top four earners in My.Games’ portfolio in terms of revenue, having generated over $367 million in its lifetime. Developed by in-house team Studio Nord, they credit the game’s success to consistent annual updates that make major feature changes to the game to keep it's loyal audence of followers cared for and refreshed. The win for Hustle Castle follows a similarly significant milestone for one of My.Games’ other titles, Rush Royale.

With Hustle Castle joining Rush Royale in milestone success it's clear that My.Games core catalogue is getting gaming right. CEO of My.Games, Vladimir Nikolsky said, “The Hustle Castle team has reimagined the Team Battle genre, making it humorous and incorporating RPG elements. This innovation has been a key factor in the game's long-term success as a top product in our portfolio. The team continues to prioritise new content, taking a live operations approach.”

An important test for MY.GAMES

As we’ve previously reported, My.Games’ acquisition from VK last year resulted in the company making a pivot away from its former Russia-based owners and rededicating itself to a global focus instead. With over a billion users, the company is well positioned to take advantage of its existing success in reestablishing itself as a truly European game publisher, independent of its former owners.

However, regardless of that advantage, Hustle Castle’s 80m downloads and significant revenue will still be an important milestone for them. Although it can’t all be attributed to My.Games’ new leadership, it certainly shows that the company still has a capable development staff, new intentions and ambitions and strong catalogue of fine-tuned product that will hopefully continue their success through 2023 and into the coming years.