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My.Games' revenue grew 30% in 2020

Grand Hotel Mania and War Robots were key drivers
My.Games' revenue grew 30% in 2020

My.Games saw impressive growth in 2020 as it generated RUB40,762 billion ($562 million) in revenue.

The earnings represent a growth rate of 30 per cent year-on-year. Moreover, My.Games accounted for 38 per cent of all Group's earnings last year.

Furthermore, the majority of revenue, at 75 per cent, came from international markets, with the US, Japan and Germany proving to be the most lucrative.

Company performance in the UK contributed to its growth, with advertising revenues up by 17 per cent across its entire portfolio.

Meanwhile, worldwide, the company saw an increase of 165 million users, giving it a new total of 770 million globally.

My.Games mobile title War Robots proved popular, having not only reached 184 million downloads in December, but it also experienced revenue growth for the seventh consecutive year. It proved to be one of the top five grossing games for the company in Q4.

Grand year

Another big hitter was Grand Hotel Mania, developed by Deus Craft, which hit 7.7 million installs last year and became one of My. Games' top three products via revenue. My.Games acquired a majority stake in the mobile games specialist last year.

"We managed to build a rapidly growing business with our own ecosystem of products and services at its heart thanks to constant experiments in development, strategic development of our own IP, effective franchise management, marketing, and regular successful M&A deals," said My.Games CEO Vasily Maguryan.

"Our passion is to develop and offer games designed for the widest possible audience, and today our portfolio includes games in the most popular genres in the world, especially on mobile. We strive to consistently expand our catalogue for all platforms, maintain diversity, and add products designed for a wide variety of users.

"We start 2021 from a solid foundation upon which to achieve our objective of increasing revenue and our EBITDA; we will be supported in this goal by our successful franchises, recently launched projects and the team of talented professionals here at My.Games."