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N3twork buys Eric Seufert’s user acquisition tool Agamemnon

Seufert also joins company to lead its new suite of tools and services
N3twork buys Eric Seufert’s user acquisition tool Agamemnon
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jul 18, 2017 acquisition N3TWORK Not disclosed
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Legendary: Game of Heroes N3twork has acquired Eric Seufert’s user acquisition platform Agamemnon for an undisclosed fee.

The tool was built to help UA managers determine when the money they are putting into campaigns will yield returns. It can also be used to test scenarios for different retention rates and LTVs, among other things.

As part of the deal Seufert will also join the company to lead work on creating a new platform for developers.

Platform building

Though starting out in game development, N3twork has been building a set of tools, pipelines, technology and best practices to support mobile game releases, which it now aims to offer to other studios.

Its tools are said to have helped it make its debut title Legendary: Game of Heroes become a top 10 grossing game in 27 countries and a top 100 grosser in 72 countries since its August 2016 launch.

Seufert has previously held roles as VP of User Acquisition and Network Engagement at Rovio, as well as Head of Marketing at Wooga and Skype. Most recently he’s been working at his own mobile consultancy Heracles.