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N3twork scaled Idle Necromancer's DAUs by 970%

Surge in DAUs and revenue in the first month
N3twork scaled Idle Necromancer's DAUs by 970%
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US publishing platform N3twork has signed Copenhagen-based indie dev Goathamster Studio to publish its flagship mobile title Idle Necromancer.

Since the signing, Goathamster’s latest game has scaled rapidly; within the first month, revenue increased by 44 times and daily active users by 970 per cent.

During the same timeframe, the average revenue generated per daily active user increased by approximately 80 per cent.

Following the game's succesful first month, N3twork has expanded Idle Necromancer’s user acquisition spend into 54 markets.

Rising to results

"N3twork has been a great partner for us as we launched Idle Necromancer, one that listens and nurtures instead of controls," said Goathamster Studios CEO Theis Rye.

"We feel like we are on the same team, all working toward achieving the same goal."

Idle Necromancer is a zombie-themed idle game with players harvesting nether from mortals and turning the tables against humanity. It is available on Google Play Store and the App Store.

N3twork recently signed three other game deals with Big Idea Games, Golden Parachute and Mustard Games, adding Superstar Hockey, Idle Music Festival Tycoon, and Idle Foodie Empire to its roster.