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N3TWORK hires Kaito Royale creator Takeshi Otsuka

Gets a 10x-er
N3TWORK hires Kaito Royale creator Takeshi Otsuka
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US startup N3TWORK has boosted its brain bank with the appointment of Takeshi Otsuka.

Previously director of DeNA's Mobage platform in Japan, Otsuka is also the creator of mobile games, including the very successful Kaito Royale, which also became a hit TV show.

Force multipler

Calling him a "10x-er" - or someone acts as a force multiplier in a company - N3TWORK's CEO Neil Young described Otsuka as "an innovator throughout his career, establishing many of the game mechanics that have since become industry standards in the Japanese mobile gaming space."

Young added: "Takeshi's extensive experience as a project leader coupled with the quality of his character makes him the perfect addition to our growing team as we explore the future of mobile and ultra-mobile games."

We recently spoke to Neil Young about his views on the future of mobile games and its potential for growth.