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Navigate the metaverse landscape at Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan

Discover the cutting edge of communication and entertainment in this overview of the metaverse
Navigate the metaverse landscape at Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan

The future starts here! Talk of the metaverse has been booming in 2022, with more companies getting interested and investing heavily in this new phenomenon. And that is why we’re going to be exploring it at Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan.

We’re back in the city of Amman on November 12th to 13th, and you won’t want to miss everything we have in store for you at this unmissable conference. The MENA market is the fastest growing market in the games industry with plenty of opportunities to explore.

Over 700 games industry professionals from 30 different countries are joining us to hear from over 100 of the industry’s top thought leaders. Our amazing speakers will be discussing all the most pressing topics facing the games industry today over the course of two jam-packed days filled with insightful talks, seminars and panels.

Each day leading up to the conference, we’ll be sharing a little bit about the content you can look forward to learning about. Today’s spotlight focuses on the Mapping the Metaverse track, which aims to explore what the metaverse is and why professionals are getting involved.

Mapping the Metaverse: November 13th

11:00 - Digital Realm Entertainment’s Thomas Shiva explores how the current trend on the metaverse and the future of virtual worlds affects the African local developer ecosystem and local content consumers.

11:20 - CM Games’ Serg Kharchenko shares how to pivot to VR and web3 development from mobile development.

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We are just under a week away from our grand return to the MENA region, and we would love for you to join us. Don’t miss your chance to have a front row seat at these sessions and hear from our brilliant speakers!

See you in Jordan!