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Our biggest show yet in the MENA region is happening this weekend – here’s everything you need to know!

Plan for the weekend ahead with a full rundown of everything happening at PG Connects Jordan this November 12th to 13th!
Our biggest show yet in the MENA region is happening this weekend – here’s everything you need to know!
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It’s almost show time!

Our return to the MENA region is almost upon us, and we’re bringing our globally loved Pocket Gamer Connects conference back with a bang. Over 1,000 attendees are already registered to attend, making it our biggest event in the region yet! Now’s your last chance to join us for our return to Jordan this November 12th to 13th (that’s this Saturday and Sunday!) – pop over to our website and book your ticket while you still can

If you’re looking to get more insight into the fastest growing region for gaming in the world and start building a network there, there’s no better place than our show in Jordan this weekend. This unmissable conference is taking place right on the shore of the glorious Dead Sea at an all-new luxurious venue and will be welcoming over 1,000 games industry professionals from 30 countries to hear from over 100 of the global industry’s top thought leaders. Since this is our first show in the MENA region for the first time in three years, it’s going to be packed full of professionals you may not usually cross paths with – this is a unique opportunity to build your network in the region, all while experiencing a sophisticated, elevated conference experience in the heart of Jordan.

Today, we’re giving you an overview of what you can expect from Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan this week. Keep reading for a better idea of what awaits you!

Endless networking opportunities
We set the stage for an abundance of networking opportunities, and our Jordan show takes it to the next level. We have over 1,000 attendees joining us from all around the world, making it our biggest show in the MENA region yet! The networking fun is already well underway ahead of time, with hundreds of meetings already scheduled in our sophisticated meeting scheduling system. There is no place to connect with rising talent and key decision-makers in the MENA region quite like this conference!

Not to mention that we have some incredible brands, both based in the MENA region and global powerhouses, joining us that you truly won’t want to miss! This is the place to connect with incredible names like Google, Amazon Web Services, AudioMob, Jawaker, Tamatem and so, so many more. We have hundreds of amazing brands joining us, and the stage is set for you to make initial contact with them and get business done. Get an exclusive peek at who you can expect to see at PG Connects Jordan below.

Connect with the MENA region’s leading authorities!
There is no better place to start making essential connections in the fastest growing gaming region in the world than our upcoming Connects conference! We have endless opportunities for you to expand your network and to learn from experts paving the path for the future of gaming in the MENA region and beyond. As a conference attendee, you get full access to our content tracks spanning topics such as monetisation, NFTs, esports, the metaverse and much, much more. Check out the full schedule for our Jordan show so you can get a better idea of what awaits you this weekend!

Our schedule is absolutely packed with brilliant speakers delivering insightful sessions and participating engaging panels, and there’s something in each content track for everyone! Here’s a glimpse at just some of the incredible sessions taking place this weekend:

  • Culture, Profitability & Flipping Coins with our very own Charlie Scowen of Steel Media and Mohamad Haj Hasan of Jawaker.
  • How Your Values Affect Your Game's Global Success with Kate Edwards of Geogrify.
  • Future of Payments in Gaming with Faisal Al Bitar of Tamatem.
  • From Indie GameDev to Metaverses and NFTs: The How & Why with Haetham Alhaddad of Golden Eagle.
  • Building the Dream: Tips To Achieve Success in the Middle East with Kay Gruenwoldt of Nine66, MJ Fahmi of Babil, Ahmed Al Mashhadi of Mashlab, Yahsir Qureshi of Sandsoft, Hussam Hammo of Tamatem and Peeyush Gulati of Savvy Games.

A value-packed conference experience
The value that a PG Connects conference brings you is priceless – but don’t just take our word for it! We pride ourselves on giving our attendees the greatest possible conference experience as well as ROI on their ticket, and here’s what you can expect as a PG Connects Jordan attendee:

  • Entry to the main conference including access to all content tracks, expo and dedicated meeting areas on both days
  • Invitation to apply to take part in fringe sessions such as The Very Big Indie Pitch, Publisher SpeedMatch and more
  • Free coffee, tea and refreshments on both days
  • A personal and company profile on the MeetToMatch meeting platform and unlimited meeting invites, which you can access as soon as you register
  • Access to video recordings of all talks and panels in our Video Vault after the event
  • An exclusive opportunity for attendees to book to join our VIP trip to one of the new seven wonders of the world, Petra! Check out this page for more details.

Book your ticket now!
We are only days away from all the conference action, and we don’t want you to miss a minute of it! This is going to be our biggest event in the MENA region yet, and there’s still time to secure your spot at the conference if you haven’t yet. Registration is still open, but time’s running out to book your ticket and join us in Jordan this weekend – head over to our website now and secure your seat now.