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NetEase brings player content-creation tools to LifeAfter

The open world survivor title gets a new level editor
NetEase brings player content-creation tools to LifeAfter
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NetEase’s open-world survival title, LifeAfter will be getting a new level editor update and a new mode to test it out, entitled Escape Park.

The update adds the ability for players to create their own theme park level for the game mode, basically creating virtual obstacle courses for other players to make their way through and echoing other level creator systems that boost replay value and keep fans playing.

Head of NetEase games overseas publishing, Matt Liu commented, “At NetEase Games, we are constantly striving to bring new and innovative gameplay experiences to players around the world. With the launch of 'Escape Park' and the Corruption Crisis update, we're excited to offer players even more opportunities to explore the doomsday world of LifeAfter and create their own unique survival stories."

Content for years

Although not a major shift, NetEase’s new addition to their game does indicate an increased focus by many game companies on including content-creation tools, including in mobile titles. Most recently, PUBG Mobile added a new game mode called World of Wonders, allowing players to change around game modes, create new levels and more. The obvious benefit being the increased longevity and player engagement as a result.

Naturally we can’t mention player content-creation without mentioning the arguably dominant company in battle royale gaming, Epic Games. Last month they unveiled their Unreal Editor addition for Fortnite, to widespread interest from players. The innovation allows fans of the carefully crafted Fortnite worlds and events to finally let their own imaginations run wild and create game experiences of their own to the benefit of the broader content-hungry Fortnight community. 

With the issues faced by NetEase as it recovers from the effects of the China licensing freeze, innovations and additions like this weill be proving key to keeping their games front and centre in player's plans.